ICT Research

ICT Research Ltd is an end-to-end IT consulting firm, executing systems integration, migration, and convergence for the small and medium-sized company.

We help reduce the cost of ownership for IT infrastructure and network support.

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Network Services
Connectivity Services
Database Management
Support Services
Procurement Services
Voice over IP
Web Development


We specialise in ICT for schools and enterprises, offering complete solutions and technical support to our customers. When sourcing products we consider the school's/small medium company's current ICT system and work towards a solution that truly fulfils their requirements.

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We sell software for Internet restriction and monitoring, prevent data leakage by restricting endpoint devices such as USBs, energy saving solution for workstations and laptops.

We also sell software for managing the print which is to Manage Users, Groups, OUs, Printers, and Print Traffic over your network and have full control of your corporate, government, and SMB environment.

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Cost-effective, cutting edge solutions for all your IT needs and onsite maintenance solutions...